Standing Up and Fighting Back: Why I Decided to Run for Office as a Minority American Millennial Woman

A reflection piece on my decision to join the Virginia District 67 House of Delegates Democratic Primary in 2017. Read more.

“If the President of the United States refuses to hear our voices in the streets, we must make sure that they are louder than ever within our local communities and especially within state government.”

Medicaid cuts will affect all virginians

A piece on the detrimental affects of the AHCA. Read more.





No One is Safe if the AHCA Passes

A piece on the potential impacts of an ACA repeal. Read more.

I am a health policy nerd and the AHCA is my worst nightmare. In the days following the election, I knew that “repeal and replace” would change my life as a social worker and healthcare advocate. Now as the Republican party tries to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (again), I am more nervous than ever before.

Obviously we won’t know the full impact of the senate AHCA bill until it receives a score from the CBO but just from looking at it, it’s clear that all Virginians will suffer.

Muslim Candidate's response to Woman in NoVa. store: 'I wish they didn't let you in the country'

A reflection on the microagressions people of Arab descent feel too often. Read more.

Today a video started circulating of a woman, in the Reston, VA Trader Joes, spouting hate and unfiltered racist comments to the Muslim woman behind her in line. When I watched the video, I was immediately brought back to the many grocery store encounters my family had with random micro-aggressions and hate speech.

trump's budget and our path forward in virginia

A response to Donald Trump's “A New Foundation for American Greatness." Read more.

If the budget passes, in Virginia we are going to feel the direct influence of cuts to social welfare programs. Poverty rates in Virginia increased from 2011-2014 but eventually saw a drop in 2015 to 11.2%. If Trumps budget passes, many of the programs that help people out of poverty, will no longer be readily available, thus driving us back into economic downtimes for many.